Dominatrix Lady Despina - versiert authentisch einzigartig in Munich

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Lady Despina - versiert authentisch einzigartig

Professional Sadist, Fi*ting Fanatic, strict Disciplinarian, enthusiastic Enforcer of chastity and Lover of kink. 


Domina Lady Despina has great pleasure in seducing your mind and eliciting previously unknown feelings from your body.

Nevertheless, she is very fair, down to earth and have kept Her sense of humour.


Her dominance captivates by sugar sweet sophistication, charming refinement as well as Her talent of artful brutal insult.With long dark hair, bright eyes, sensual lips and Her tender body weight, she has forced every man with a glance to the ground.

You notice: She is a Sadistic Sunshine and Hell on Heels!

So you will not be able to resist 


Young, sadistic, well versed!


Discretion has top priority = on my secrecy is reliable!



Are you ready to surrender to your fantasies?Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for my sadism and my desire, as well as serving my divine feet?I ll bring you to the limits of your taboos!

In me dwells a ruthless sadist whose desire is to possess your body and mind!

Shoe addict I like to see my objects (= you) at my feet. I just like to see you suffer under my feet or caress her with thanks.In the game I use all facets: from barefoot to high heel trampling, food crushing to painful ballbusting.


Lady Despina will mold your mind to her propertywhether through sensory deprivation, bondage, tease, orgasm or breath control, as well as dirty practices.

Even merciless slaves to my toilet, ashtrays or garbage eaters satisfy my sadism.NS lovers are VERY well looked after with me.

Your pain thresholds are brought to a new limit through CBT treatments, cane education, bastonade, crushing, dilators, Fi*ting and nipple *****!

I do not know mercy, you decide to keep it as my object of interest.

As a creative person, I am also happy about interesting role-playing games.Dog training in pet play, torture in a kidnapping, .. with me, your secret fantasies may come true.I love sophisticated role-playing games and creative scenarios, simple pure elegant eroticism, arousal and refusal, costume play.Furthermore, nylons, latex, wetlook outfits.

You have a very special fetish? Whether hairdressing fetish, plaster bondage or looning – you can turn to me confidently.

My clothes are always stylish no matter if they are wrapped in latex, leather or nylon – you can tell your preferences.

Among my favorites are the brands Demask Latex, WestwardBound, Wolford, Louboutin, Gucci and Pleaser.

Tell me about your fantasies and taboos.Beginners are gently introduced!


Session booking



No Sexual services!

Keep in mind, that mistress wont reply to any impolite or other not appropriate emails


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