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BDSM Guide for femdoms - studios - bizarre ladies - mistresses - female slaves with fetish galleries

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Studio Mistress Ursula
Baroness Davina Dust
Studio Unschlagbar - Avantgarde de Sade
Miss Sonya- Tease&Denial Domination
Aurora Nia Noxx
Fleur Salome
SM KAMMER -A-2544 Leobersdorf
Onlinesklave Folge endlich deinen perversen Triebe
Lady Ashley Inferno- Einzigartig Speziell
ELEGANCE - Dominastudio-Auf höchsten Niveau
Lady Luci
Bizarr Domina Lady Ann Van Doorn
Madame Graf
Lady Jolie Berrie
Dr. Catherine in Aschaffenburg
Lady Bruna van Eden im Domicile Dark Emotion
Lady Leyla
Domina Herrin Liane
Lady Dajana Domina und Fetischlady in der Stahl
SM Domina Studio CENTRIC in Stuttgart
Bizarrlady Jacqueline
Herrin Roxana München
Lady Lucy
Lady Christin
Lady Despina - versiert authentisch einzigartig
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You are looking for the ultimate mistress, after a strict, chastising femdom in which you hear and see? You have already found the perfect femdom guide. It´s the femdom directory No. 1, the "Galerie de Sade" (GdS). What you find in our affiliated domination studios, corresponds to a bizarr-erotic extra class, which is second to none. What you find in our listed femdom studios, corresponds to a bizarr-erotic extra class, which will definitely match your desire. Regardless of whether you want- torturing femdoms with whip bang in crisp lacquer and leather outfits or a rubber mistress in a tight catsuit - here you will find in any case. You continue find seductive and weak-willed female slaves, hot mistresses and sexy bizarre ladies on our sites. There is no such secret bizarre dream that our ladies would not fulfil you, give it a try! Let us take you into a mysterious world of bizarre pleasure and erotic games, you will not regret it!

The elementary component of a comprehensive BDSM advertisement for femdoms, rubber mistresses, slaves, mistresses and bizarre ladies is a professional presentation on the World Wide Web. The same applies to femdom studios which will lose themselves without targeted, effective femdom advertising in the vastness of the Internet. For this Galerie de Sade (GdS) offers a free and efficient professional service with search engine and a sophisticated short presentation. You will find instructions for creating your presentation under the menu item "Help" at the top of the navigation! All persons, who move on the gallery de Sade (GdS), confirm with their use that they comply with the age approval FSK18.

Thus, the Galerie of the Sade (GdS) sees itself as a mediator between lovers of fetish and bizarre erotic as well as professional providers of femdom studios and the like.

As a longtime experienced, well-known femdom guide, we guarantee you a breathtaking selection and sparkling anticipation with your exciting femdom search.

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Your mistress online in the internet! You can now also find online dominatrixes in the Galerie de Sade.
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Bizarre telephone education

Your mistress live on the phone! You can now also find telephone dominatrixes or telephone slaves in the Galerie de Sade.
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In which BDSM dominastudio will a dominatrix - mistress fetish party be announced soon? Or are you looking for an event such as Community education, TV or rubber education in a dominatrix studio? Would you like to participate in a workshop? Yes, then you are right here under the heading Events. Under Details you will get more detailed information on the topic and timing of each individual event. With almost all dominatrixes / dominatrix studios the number of people in the events is very limited! So do not hesitate and reserve your participation.

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Here you will find the hottest highlights of all dominatrixes, mistress, bizarre ladies, dominatrix studios and fetish studios. Not only offers like 2 dominatrixes in a dominatrix session are the highlights, but very often also the price. Special conditions are very often offered in the specials. Under Details, Dominatrix studios, dominatrixes - Mistress give you more detailed information on the topic, procedure and conditions of the highlight. Please note that in contrast to the events, specials are usually offered over several days and weeks.

31.05 - 30.06.21
Devot? Bi? Aber Du bist doch ein Mann!!
08.06 - 30.06.21
Zwxngsentsxmung Special bei Lady Iwana!
10.06 - 30.06.21
2 Stunden Black & White Special in Aachen
10.06 - 11.07.21
Overnight Special-Lady Nastasia-Der Fedom
11.06 - 30.06.21
Latex Langzeit Special bei Lady Iwana
11.06 - 30.06.21
Zwxngsentsxmung - Bondage Special im Golden Cage!
11.06 - 11.07.21
Duo Noir MEGA 90 Minuten Special
11.06 - 11.07.21
Sahra Jills Anaxtraining Special
14.06 - 15.07.21
Windel- und Segufixspecial
14.06 - 15.07.21
Entspannung pur in der Mittagspause
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