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Dominatrix MEDUSA MANIE - Classic Lady & Clinic in Dresden

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MEDUSA MANIE - Classic Lady & Clinic

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Classic femdom-very diverse

noble consistently sustainably sadistic


No practice is alien to me, I'm perfectly specified needs. You'll be in me also a confidant who can feel psychologically well find.


, You'll be my object, servant of my vices and passions. For you a game for me is passion. Tied up, enclosed, serving you'll wait for me. Masochistic or submissive, you'll drop you.

Proximity and distance are determined, if you follow my rules. My imagination goes far beyond your limits. Genuine, discreet, consistently and relentlessly good I will come to you. The rest should be noted that I give even beginners a chance to professionally in the SM can introduce them to the end...


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