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Dominatrix Aurelia van Foxx - DominaDresden.com in Dresden

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Aurelia van Foxx - DominaDresden.com

Mistress Aurelia van Foxx


Dominatrix in a class of its own, offers you extraordinary sessions that exceed the limits of your imagination.


Do you want to enjoy being completely at the mercy of yourself and letting all go? Lay off your responsibility and give yourself completely to me. I will make your darkest and dirtiest dreams come true. There will be no escape for you. I will take control of you and drive you crazy. Let your mistress guide you and dive into another world. Bondage games, submission, humiliation, education, punishment, pleasure pain and power - this is how I will lead you to your limits.


I am aloof and untouchable. You will serve as a toy for me. I am allowed to do everything! You will be tormented, interrogated, humiliated, put on display, fixed and and and… If you obey, you can worship my feet - but that's all!


Are you a submissive slave? Masochist? Fetishist? Beginner?


Highly sensitive, empathetic, passionate and with a great interest in demanding inclinations and fetishes, I will respond to you and your bizarre needs individually. I also introduce beginners to the world of BDSM with sensitivity and instinct - it doesn't always have to be tough.


Favorite games:

ana* treatments, tease and denial, role play, foot worship and clinic



Intimate contact with the mistress, lick games, wrestling, Vomi* and extreme clinic



Tell me about your fantasies and I will implement them in such a way that I create an experience that you will not forget. Your taboos will be observed of course.


I prefer serious, written inquiries including your kinks, preferences and taboos, preferably by email or WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram.


No SMS! Calls with unknown / suppressed numbers are not accepted! So just call with the number and make an appointment!


Cell: +49 178 1279064

Mail: AureliaVanFoxx@gmail.com

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