Domina Mistress Hard to Forget in Hamburg

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Mistress Hard to Forget

dominatrix specialized in performative role play. i'm intrigued by all fetishes, the stranger, the better. i enjoy meetings that include renting special locations, devising props, outfits, and involving other dommes, to do something more bizarre and out of the ordinary. my mission is to offer sessions that are more about fantsies without bounds rather than experiencing something cliche. i like to get to know my clients, and develop regular / long-term relationships that i sometimes see as artistic projects. 


open to all sorts of requests, but mostly i'm into unusual plans & writing with precision. a thoughtful letter can turn even a good old boot licking fetish into something interesting.


i only engage in fully consensual role play, and respect my client's boundaries. bdsm is for me a play, and has little to do with how i engage with people in my daily life.


personal interests include defilement, sticky substances, scenes involving food, verbal play, and public meetings.


i live in berlin but travel to hamburg (and other cities) upon request.

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