best mistress
The giving of the seal "best mistress" constitute a specially and exceptionally honour.
With it become appreciated the willingness of the dominatrix respectively bizarrlady to the information over the own person in her doing and maked transparent for the interested observer.
the giving of the seal is not at all natrurally ,as must be carry out definated conditions.

each "Best mistress" became visited personally and each interview take through personally.

It become explicitly refered,that the giving of Best Mistressmostly based on subjective impressions, while flow in objective elements such an entries in the dominatrix-forum and something more.

Each Best Mistress is consequently emphasized in the Gallery de Sade in the respctive PLZ-areas as well as at the top in the picture , also with the portrait-stroke in the individual setcards as our personally tip.
By a click on the seal become opened the portrait directly.