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Madame Demeter is a lifestyle dominatrix of extraordinaire and passionate advocate of classical untouchable dominance!


I'm an absolute individual, you will go in my hands

you can find fast this.


I raise my slaves with the necessary hardness, consistency, rigour and passionate sadism.


Do not make the mistake and think to know me or even have figured out, because I'm unpredictable...


You can't have anywhere 0815-education - but for me, because I very much value adequate education, to the absolute subservience and self-sacrifice of the slaves.


I'm not wish fulfillment Assistant because I form you according to my will and desire.


You deliver me and bow my will!


You deserve my attention!


Serve and obey asking me me happy, so you will be perhaps permitted to kiss my feet or even to massage you.


Prove yourself to me and you can come again.


Even beginners are warmly welcome.


Not afraid, they are gently into my world introduced …...





Lady Silver

Selina Calluna

Lady Kayla

Mistress Lydia

Lady Juliette


Urgently looking for reinforcement for our active team!


Please email be be.

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