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MISS EVA ENGEL  besondere SM Events

Pain and pleasure

are my great passions.

Follow me into my bizarre world.

I will accompany you through comfortble & uncomfortable pain as I demand erotic humiliation from you for me.. and all my doings..


 It fulfills me to lead you through all kind of physical and mindcatching situations.. painfull or full of pleasure, treatments and therapies, where you will find yourself lying fixed on a gynecologyst chair receiving your examination..

Enter my white medical world and I will put you through bizarre treatments,

cleaning you, needling you, drilling you... spinning you around .. until I catch you gently & affectionately back to a grounded self.


I will make sure you forget everything else around you!


Contact me by mail or phone!

I dont offer hotel escort only studio sessions.

Check my homepage for special SM Events!!


Meet me at

Studio Avantgarde de Sade

(former Studio Unschlagbar), Frankfurter Ring 220 in München.


 You can find possible studio days on my homepage



contact me: 0160 - 3 775 775

mail: miss-eva-engel@web.de


Studio AvantGarde de Sade

089 - 944 05 222

Munich City

Frankfurter Ring 220



latex fanciers, clinic patients, ana*-masochists, electricity connoisseurs and slaves willing to learn are very welcome!



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