Dominatrix Lady Lia - deine bizarre Komplizin in Munich

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Lady Lia - deine bizarre Komplizin

My name is Lady Lia,



I’m a german mistress and hopefully the one you're looking for. 


Either as a bizarre clinic doctor, a strikt superior, playful pain or hard torture - I don’t only like to fulfill my own fantasies, I might also be interested in your mindset. 


Tell me your secrets - trustfully. I might be young but also quite experienced. We can talk in detail and in person about your interests, also about more complex role-play scenarios.

Beginners are as welcome as „experts“. 







I didn’t decide to become a pro-domme over night, I started to expend my interests in "kinky stuff" in private over the years and switched to commercial-BDSM about four years ago. I discovered new techniques and favourites and I’m still excited about my passion. 


I’m a curious character, so trust me: whatever your fantasy is, don’t be afraid, you can’t shock me and I won’t make fun about it. 


Nevertheless I’m still also a sane human being - that’s why I insist on clear language during our conversations before and after the session (at least when we meet for the first time). If you’re feeling insecure you’re welcome to meet me before and get an impression.




NOT WELCOME: 24/7 slaves, payslaves, personal slaves at home (my flatmates wouldn’t appreciate that I guess ;)), dates, romance (really? try parship, the only girlfriend experience you can expect from me is an angry one taking revenge ;)) 

If I ever told you not to contact me again: I mean it. 




My favorites:


- Bondage (I also do bondage shows, I'm really experienced)

- ana* play

- Tease and Denial 

- Clinik 

- Electroplay

- Latex/Rubber   

- Span*ing

- tell me your taboos and I create the session :)



My taboos:


- S*x (no discussion)

- Vomi*

- Drugs

- Stuff that lets you end up at a hospital

- Torturing women (bondage and soft bdsm maybe, hard torture: no. I will start feeling sorry for the girl and ruin the session. In exchange I can be extra cruel with men ;))




I answer emails and text messages.

Feel free to ask me whatever you would like to know further. 

Tel: 01575 672 36 40 





Hope to see you soon!


Lady Lia



P.S.: I speak English fluently and I can (at least) still read French. 

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