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Rubber lady Ab sofort Fetisch Göttin Gummilady Naomi Rouge in Munich

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Rubber lady
Ab sofort Fetisch Göttin Gummilady Naomi Rouge

Lady Naomi Rouge is a graceful and beautiful goddess, a femme fatale to the core.In an attractive and seducing way, equipped with magic-demonical trails, her nature binds men to her. She’s manipulating them, undermining their morals and plunging them into (mis)fortune by using her fatal manner. But in the same instant, she’s promising the highest completion of her seduced object’s desire in ways of her own special doing.Don’t be fooled by looks: There’s a playful sadist hiding behind that innocent-looking façade, a thoroughbred latex fetishist looking through blue eyes and faint noblesse. Kinky, exotic, multifaceted, unique and a lot more that you can’t even begin to grasp. Her various preferences range from heavy rubber and latex play, needle and sewing games, fetish clinic games, tender and sadistic pain play to intensive role play, dirty games and much more. In fact everything, that gets her heart beating faster.Her greatest fervour is the transformation of a human piece of flesh into a rubber object: a bizarre rubber puppet or a small willingly latex whore – the slick shiny object has to obey to her fantasies whilst being under her stern gaze and governance.You want to know more?Here’s a little taste of the qualities she has to offer:From the moment she’s going to wrap your body into thick, never ending layers of latex, it’s not going to take much time until you’re fully within her possession. Introducing you to the new material, feeling it, experiencing it for the first time, or fixating you strictly into multiple layers until you can’t even lift a finger: There are innumerable possibilities to cover you with rubber and she’s going to do it after her own liking – you can’t prevent it anymore. Lady Naomi is going to transform you into her own obedient rubber slave and you won’t be able to think about anything else while experiencing her unique mindfuck.   Seeing her perfectly oiled rubber legs and curves in your limited visionary eyesight is an image that will bury itself into your brain forever. She’s going to be your ultimate rubber Mistress and she’ll train your mind to become a slave to the passion of shiny latex – having lost her own heart to that ardour years ago.  Once you’re tightly parcelled it’s easy for her to tease you again and again, raising your horniness and letting her lascivious hands wander around on your helpless body. You’re going to be the plaything of her fantastic rubber empire in which everything is possible if only she wants it to happen.So don’t spoil things with her or throw your good favours away since she’s nursing a very sadistic side as well – and she likes it to let that side go loose. If you’re feeling like a masochist servant, you’ll appreciate this side of Lady Naomi. Offering a range of sensual gentle to tender pain and then hearing you squeak and moan is her treat and gets her going. Your noises of suffering are music to her ears. But if the poor slave acts against her imagination he’s going to be punished accordingly.With firm and strict steering she’s guiding you merciless to your limits and far above them if you wish so. Be prepared that she’ll creatively and securely claim the maximum you can give her.If you devote yourself to your Mistress with her eflin figure and rigorous, consequent yet gentle character, you are receiving a one of a kind and matchless session you’ll draw on for quite some time.

*** Domina Filme ***