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Dominatrixstudio Studio Darkside - Das Domizil der Herrin Jessy in Hamburg

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Studio Darkside - Das Domizil der Herrin Jessy

The Studio Darkside is a very discreet BDSM and fetish Studio and offers many opportunities.


The team consists of nahbaren and inpenetrable ladys, dominant, bizarre, submissive and the ladies are well versed in the Klinibereich.

Sessions with a master, slaves, and TV are also possible.


Excluding from the furniture to the equipment,

Functional and high-quality.

Candles and soft music make for a comfortable,

atmospheric atmosphere.

By the light Imaging Studio radiates warmth.

It is the smaller cosy Studio

in private style and not the sterile large.


Is put into what particularly large value:

Responsibility, hygiene, creativity, skill, kindness, empathy, understanding, correctness and team spirit.


Each guest to have an unforgettable experience and like to come again.


Routine, handling and monotonous sessions, are foreign words in this Studio. Everything to be always creative and individual,

tailored to every guest.


Men, women, couples, and TVs are welcome.


The good reputation of the Studio is the owner of Mistress Jessy at heart,

therefore, it has also always an open ear for praise and criticism,

no matter on which the Lady of the House were you.


It is always attention to discretion and guests feel at that.


Events are offered regularly.

Also of group events with guest list, as well as

Group sessions from TVs and slaves.


If you want to learn more, see links on the webside!

There all is again full!


The Studio is located in a very solid House

what is very pleasant, quiet, personal, and above all absolutely discreet!

Are enough parking in the street.

If you're without a car, the nearest bus stop is just 3 minutes away and Eidelstedt railway station about 10 minutes


There are also learning hours for private ladies

and offered aspiring Jungdominas.

Also bondage here you can learn.

B. exercise objects available born

Info: herrin-jessy@hotmail.de

Tel. 0162-19 600 99


♥ Ladies welcome ♥

The BDSM & fetish Studio Darkside,

welcomes appointment of women and appropriate team increase.

Mistresses and bizarre ladys, slaves, Maid, TS,

can use the Studio to date.

There is also the possibility to agree on fixed days.

Interest and more information,

simply register at the studio owner Jessy under

0162-19 600 99

♥ Everything under fair conditions ♥

*** SM und Fetisch-Kontaktmarkt - Dominas & Sklavinnen privat ***