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Domina Kim / ONLINE Tease & Denial


I’m in charge.

I want to tie you up and do whatever I want to. Pin you down and tease you relentlessly. Make you beg me to let you climax. Dominate you completely. I’ll make you serve me as my slave and you’ll adore me for it. 



Do you have an urge to submit to a gorgeous woman like me?  

Are you aroused and intoxicated by the idea of submission and kneeling in front of a seductive temptress like me? 


Well, this is your time to relish your submissive mind and enjoy my dominance without the fear of society, and without the fear of being judged.  


I look very sweet, 

but don’t fall for the glimmer in my eyes 

because I’m a one way trip to heaven and lust.  


Prepare to obey, serve and worship me. 

At my feet and under my pristine command you assume your new place in your life you’ve longed for. My seduction would restrain you, collar you, gag you.  


My words would seduce your mind 

while tempting your body.  


Be it obedience training, bondage, Span*ing, restrain, collar, blindfold, chastity, forced orgasm, small Pe*is humiliation, CBT, you name your kink, and I’m here to fulfil your fantasies. 


No matter how brutal I’m, I always would love to tie you, tease you, get you aroused and play with you until you beg for my mercy….


I’m here to render the sole purpose of your existence into serving and pleasing me. 


What I want is for you to give up that control you cling so tightly. I want you to forget who you are for a few moments and lose yourself in the feel of my hands and restraints I choose for you. 


I want you so goddamn desperate for me to fuck your mind that you’re begging me to fill your sole existence with my dominance.


I am Domina Kim. 

I’ll make you serve me as my slave, and you’ll adore me for it. 


WhatsApp: +43 680 309 5 309







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