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Domina in Paris
Domina M

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Je suis Maitresse Domina M, originairement de New-York et maintenant installée à Paris Je recherche de vrais esclaves, masochistes et adeptes de la soumission. J'ai une formation classique de dominatrice, qui vous garantira une expérience inoubliable et intense, mais dans un cadre dédié et sécurisé. Je suis extrêmement stricte, et mon temps est précieux, sachez-le. Je suis anglophone, et ne répondrai en priorityité qu'aux messages en anglais ou français simple.


I am the Domina M from New York, now living in Paris. As an international dominatrix and fetish model, movie star, I bring something special to my adopted city. Not only my skills, but a new, custom built dungeon with all the trapping you could desire.


A session with me might be as simple as an hour foot-fetish play - with sexy heels, stockings and my soft, pedicured feet - or it may be as elaborate as an imprisonment role play stretching into days. A mental connection of my dominance over your submission is the most important thing for me. All the toys in the world are just dressing up for my crack for mental games.


If you've secretly yearned to be under the control of a beautiful, dominant woman, but never acted, this is your time. I know how seduction works to my advantage. An aroused man is a malleable man. Or if you've been playing for some time, you will not be disappointed either. I've been a top domain in NYC, San Francisco, London and Dubai as well as many international cities.

Gare de l'Est - the newest and most exclusive dungeon in Paris.


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