Domina Mistress Hard to Forget in Köln

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Mistress Hard to Forget

dominatrix specialised in performative role play. i'm intrigued by all fetishes, especially the unusual. i enjoy meetings that include renting special locations, devising props, outfits, and involving other dommes, to do something more bizarre and out of the ordinary. i like sessions that are more about fantsies without bounds rather than something cliche.

i am open to all sorts of requests. i prefer creative scenarios and things i have not done before but you can convince me to meet for a classic session as well. i'm into writing with precision and long detailed letters. tell me your story. thoughtful writing can turn even a good old boot licking fetish into something interesting.

i am not a findom. i like to be paid well for my work but i prefer to work with interesting people on interesting projects. to fulfil a good fantasy i am ready to make a compromise on the price. i prefer to get to know my clients, and develop regular relationships.

some personal interests include scenes involving food (especially at the restaurant), costumes and public meetings. i like to work with paraphilias and people who are not necessarily into domination but who wish to explore their fetish in my company.

bdsm is for me a play, and has little to do with how i engage with people in my daily life.


i live in berlin and travel on request.

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