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Your Sweet English Sadist

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I am an pure goddess who will lull you into submission. 


She will make you do it with your intellect and because you get bored easily. I am a sweet sadist who caresses your face while you lie under my feet. You will beg to pleaseme in every way. I will grin when your pain turns into pleasure and desire. You will completely surrender and give yourself to me. My soul and temperament is that of a true artist and cannot be tamed. Consider yourself lucky to be able to enter my world, which you never want to leave again.I get wet when I feel your complete submission. I will claim it completely, make you do it, and cultivate it. You will feel safe under my sensitive, caring, sweet commands and instructions and fall into a swoon of lust.I specialize in training you to satisfy my sadistic desires. I will train your ass so that your cock is transformed from a soft piece into a plump tube. I will work on your cock and balls, stretch and torture your cock, with everything I desire. I will torture you with the help of any toys, for example with clamps, weights and S*x toys until you can no longer. I will stuff your throat with my strap-on, deep and wet you will suck it how I want it. I will abuse your body in different ways with my heels.I ask discipline from you. With my strict British accent. I can whip, hit and spit on you to reach the level and your limits that I ask you to do.I love to humiliate you physically and mentally, to treat you like a piece of furniture that sits on your face, to make you watch me fuck a cute girl or a guy with a big cock and force you to cum to swallow.I love playing with you as my pet, training you, obeying me, playing games and using you as a toilet. I can be a sadistic cat who teaches and torments the poor dog or I can be a well-trained, well-groomed pony. I love to turn you into a beautiful sissy girl. To lead you as my living doll so that you can show me your pussy-ass.I love to play with all genders, ages and disabilities. It is important that we communicate before the session and connect through trust in order to fulfill our shared fantasies and adhere to boundaries. I play according to the SSC principle (Safe, Sane, Consensual)

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