Bizarrlady Bizarrlady Kira Fae in Berlin mit Galerie und Kontaktdaten

Bizarrlady in Berlin
Bizarrlady Kira Fae

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I'm a French Bizarrlady who likes multiple domination games.

I'm cruel and loving at once, giving shame and pain in a tender and playful way. I like to talk dirty, going where it is painful and pleasurable with my toys and with my words, but with a smile on my lips.

I'm a sadistic fairy who likes to travel in the shadows. I want to find your desires, your fears, your shame, where they meet, and to play with it deliciously.

When I punish you, it is because I know you want it so bad, or that you want it and fear it at the same time. And I will attentively watch your reactions, reveling in them.

I want to provide you the safety to tell me what you really want, and to explore it, and the challenge to know I will bring you there.

I also like to be adored, whorshipped and obeyed.

Another game I enjoy is to objectify and take my pleasure from you. To know that you want me to use your body as I please, as a sextoy, for my own sensual pleasure.

I'm an androgynous creature, and like to help others explore that about themselves. It is why I love feminization and sissy play. I know how to change my gaze according to someone's desire, to the game that we play. I will see you as you want to be seen, and make you feel it.

If you're new to BDSM, I also provide soft discovering sessions for beginners.




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